It would please you to find out all hope is not lost when you cannot reserve a table. You could choose order your meals directly to the comfort of your home or office. To order for a meal, take the following easy steps:

First make sure you book with the kitchen

Booking does not until 9am each day and ends at 10:45am. We do not allow bookings that are done by email or through social media. Our mails and social media accounts are strictly for feedback so we could alter our style to serve you better.

To make a proper booking, you are required to call the number at the bottom of the page via mobile phone. All calls must be made within the stipulated hours or your calls will be ignored. For those who have placed their orders in a week, you are not allowed to place a second order in the following week.

If you do not reach us while trying to place your order, keep trying. It is likely the phone is on another call. All orders which are cancelled will be placed on our social platforms. For those who could not place their orders. Please take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages to see if there are any cancelled orders posted.

Payments are made immediately after orders have been entered

There are no part payments. Any guest who wishes to cancel an order after payment has been made will get a refund with a 10% charge for beginning their order. To be eligible for this refund, you must cancel at least 6 hours after your order has been placed. For those who are allergic to certain ingredients, please inform us so we can use alternate ingredients to prepare your meal.