Like with any high class restaurant with integrity, we give our loyal customers and members the best offers for their reward for wining and dining with us. This enables them to remain with us as paying customers while giving the new visitors the opportunity to earn their loyalty with is.

We are a select restaurant with excellent dining and wining facilities therefore it is only normal that there will be a mad rush for our offers. We would like you to take your time to study the offers represented on each menu and choose the one most useful to you:

Endless eats for kids on three months of constant dining with us

We are highly recognized as the finest dining restaurant in this side of the world. Our reputation for excellence just got better when we offer your child an all-they-can-eat menu for your loyalty. This offer comes when you purchase food from our exclusive menu for three months in a row without missing any day with us.

What's more, you get to have exclusive child care servicing whenever you want to have a quiet meeting with friends and business partners. What is not to love about this insanely crazy offer?

To cash in on this offer, you will be required to submit your coupon with the restaurant code three days prior before your designated dining experience.

2.50% of discount on all wines on introducing your 50th guest to our bar

You heard that right. We offer 50% drinks bought at our bar when you sign up your 50th guest as a member of our exclusive bar club. And you thought this was all but no. The offer also comes with 25% off for an evening of cheese and wine tasting which we host every other month.

This palate-exciting experience is held at the private area of our lounge and is a highlight of our dining. Members who would like to redeem this offer should inquire about the availability at least three weeks prior to a wine tasting event.

For the drinks, you should remember that this offer is a one-off offer only and does not cover your guests. So while you may have your cost slashed at 50%, you would do well to remember your guest is paying the full cost. Please reach out to the support team to understand this offer.