Now this is where it gets interesting. You have entered the rocket ship. We hope you are properly strapped on for the exciting ride. We have a varied assortment of food menus to cater to your lifestyle choices. Our aim has always been to create a haven of meals in the heart of our town, a fascinating place with a congregation of local, regional, and international foodies who scour this city on the hunt for the next best dishes.

We know the city is famous for fine dining and that is why our chef team of culinary masters utilizes eclectic cooking techniques blended with a fanatic obsession for perfection. Our dishes are evergreen, inspired by the East and the West, sourced from the bets of seasonal ingredients and local flavours.

Our foods are rich and light, leaving deft touches of flavourful brilliance in your palate, piquant colours of culinary colours trailing through your tongue and when done, leaving you invigorated and satisfied. It is our motto to purchase ingredients straight from the source and only using trusted suppliers with years of experience in the food supply industry.

We believe in maintaining the integrity of the produce, hence we do not use any condiment that has a hint or whiff KRF preservatives. This owes to our philosophy that your health is our number one priority. Our meats are free range, devoid of unsavoury fat and we comply with the best seafood standards.

Some of our simple feasts include:

Leek soup

We handpick the choicest leeks from our organic farms to create a soup with natural sweetness allowing for different flavours to bask in the limelight like the blue cheese and aubergines. This simple culinary creation is a story on how an ingredient devoid of proteins can be the center of attraction in a bed of high quality ingredients. This dish is a particular favourite starter for vegetarians and vegans alike and we put out special variations on request.


We are extremely proud of ourselves in the landmark strides we have broken in vegan culinary excellence. Our beautiful vegan dishes combine combine innovative vegetarian recipes with the aid of the freshest vegetables which draw inspiration from Indian cuisine. They are quite flexible, easily used as starters or the centerpieces for dinners. Please pick a vegan menu from the waiter.


We know you have a hunch. A hunch to enjoy the best lunch in the town. This is why we are down. Down to serve you with all that we own. To turn that frown upside down. When it comes to lunches we do not hide our punches. Enough with the rhyming. Rap artists we are not. Culinary masters we have always been. Our lunches are a la carte. See the waiter for our wide variety of menus.


Our dinners come with a compulsory wine pairing. We believe a good dinner is meaningless without without excellent wine. We have the best of cuisine from different culinary hubs. Please get a menu to enjoy our offerings.