An excellent dining experience is in poor form with little or no lounge experience. Our lounge is motivated by the wonderful food and beautiful wines. It reflects the ambience of your meal giving you the perfect climax to an otherworldly food journey.

Our lounge can be used to relax after a meal, and there are sections where you can have a coffer or smoke a cigar to aid your digestion. We have a children's area where little kids can wait with the best chocolate snacks they have ever tasted. Here are the lounge features on offer:

Private Areas

This is for that consummate diner looking for a recluse, a quiet place, away from the boisterous noise of the city to sit down and enjoy a great meal in quiet and comfort. Our private dining areas are in high demand and it is expected that you book a month in advance to get the required seating of your choice.

We also accommodate guests for events. You can book our central private room which seats 45-50 guests. However for smaller groups craving a family experience, we have the Annex which seats from 15-18 guests. As is customary, you can expect the best service from our waiters who are unrivalled in professional catering services. Our top of the art cuisines and avant-garde decor will leave your guests with the most memorable nights ever witnessed.


Our lounge contains an exclusive bar for members. Diners who would like to have the best wines are given a curated selection by our sommeliers. Our wines are painstakingly refined, made from the best grapes in Sicily, Marseilles, and California.

The wines are exclusively selected by our wines men who have a wealth of experience in wine selection and pairing. We do not offer spirits but we believe the best restaurant must be extremely knowledgeable about their wines.

We also have extremely rare wines for the wine connoisseur who would like to have a taste of our most rare delicacy. At our Bar, there are rare white wines and red wines. We give wine enthusiasts a crash course on the benefits of wines to fine gourmet dining.

The bar is also a great place to relax with your friends after a good meal, to enjoy new activities and connect with old friends. Diners are granted automatic entry to the bar, but non-eating guests must be members to have access.